• reconstruction, maintenance, service and repair of Sulzer, MAN and other diesel engines and power plants with prolongation of    motor capacity and guarantee of manufacturing factory;

• repair of diesel engines SKL-NVD;

• mechanical and thermal treatment;

• full range of ship repair services, in dry or floating docks, in cooperation with  Service center Trogir of the shipbuilding yard Brodotrogir. 

Development of WCD, DD, SED for metalwares of any application.


• technical conditions and programs-methods on compliance with requirements of initial technical requirements, technical specifications and other NTD;

• WCD on compliance with norms and regulations requirements in field of nuclear energy use;

• Technological documentation for production of items for NPP on compliance with norms and regulations requirements in NF and USTD;


• in quality projects development for equipment designed for supply to NPP;

• in preparation of enterprises for performance of different equipment tests (preliminary, acceptance, qualification and other tests);

• in execution of necessary documents for their use in supply to NPPs of import components and equipment;