Production and supply of DGS and spare parts for Nuclear Power Plants:

engines, produced according to their own documentation ADRIADIEZEL – ADRIA 40 (6.3 MW) on basis of engine SULZER Z40/48;

CPP (package power stations / diesel generators) (500-2000 kW including those on basis of  MTU) .

Spare parts for:

• diesel 15D100;

• Russian Diesel 40/46, 23/2×30, 30/50.

For industrial production of stationary and mobile power plants

• four stroke medium-speed MAN Diesel & Turbo (500 kW — 3000 кВт) diesels

Spare parts for diesel engines of railway transport:

Kolomenski plant: D49;

• Penzadizelmash: D50;

• Plant imeni Malysheva: 2D100; 10D100; 15D100. 

Spare parts for  marine diesel engines:

• Sulzer and MAN of Adriadiesel production, which is the producer of original equipment (Original Equipment Manufacturer – OEM) ;

• SKL NVD 26A-2(3);  NVD-36 (A-1, A-1U); VD36/24;  NVD-48AU (A2U);

• RUMO CHN 35/46; 23/30;

• Volzhski dizel imeni Maminykh CHN 21/21.