Our specialists are ready to resolve issues of complex material and technical support for  a customer at any time, to fulfill the undertaken obligations to the full extent in a very short time and with high quality level.

The following is offered for the supply:

Electrotechnical equipment.

1. Control and communication cabinets.

2. Current and voltage transformers.

3. Cable production

4. Reserve diesel electric power plants of different implementation. 

Heat-exchange equipment.

1. Water-oil heat exchangers.

2. Plated heat exchangers.

3. Gas-water heat exchangers. 

Industrial pumps of any type and assignment.

1. Rotary multi zone horizontal pumps.

2. Rotary console pumps.

3. Rotary borehole pumps.

4. Vortex pumps.

5. Gear-type pumps.  

Exhaust and muffling systems.

1. Air inlet systems.

2. Muffler

3. Catalyzator

4. Flame arresters.